• Version: 1.5
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Price: Free
  • Platform: iOS
  • EasyRunner


    Make your training a bit more interesting. Easy Runner is the perfect app to boost your motivation. This app tracks and monitors your activities (walking, running, biking or similar). The GPS functionality in the iPhone is used to record the coordinates of the activity. The Average and current speed are measured and monitored as well as the duration and distance. The activities are saved in the app so you can keep track of your improvements. All activities can directly be seen on a satellite map on the iPhone. For more info see:
    Easy Runner on AppStore


    - Calorie Counter
    - Current speed monitoring (km/h or mph)
    - Average speed monitoring (min/km or min/mile)
    - Activity duration monitoring
    - Distance Monitoring (km or miles)
    - Supports both meter and feet metric system
    - Plot activities on map

    Purpose with App

    Use when running or similar to track distance/duration and average pace.

    Why Easy Runner

    Our goal is a simple app that performs the essential job for the purpose of the app. Push one button and your activity monitoring starts, push button again to stop and save the activity. Toggle between your saved activities in a table, press one and the activity is plotted on a satellite map.


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